Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes – please see the About Me page.
No, because all children develop academically at different rates and some children are under-achieving and not realising their full potential at school.
Yes, communication is an ongoing process through email, phone calls and face to face meetings. I meet with all parents individually in the summer term and written feedback is given at this time.
Usually every child, with the occasional exception, that I expect to gain the qualifying score will ‘pass’ the test.
No, I write all of my own materials for the 30-week course and they are included in the course fees. However, I also recommend textbooks for you to buy during the year to help with extra practise at home.
The maximum number in any group is just six children.
A non-refundable Reservation fee of £250 is payable in January Year 4. This fee confirms a definite place on the 30-week course.

Each term’s fees are payable one month in advance of the term starting as follows:

Autumn Half Term - 6 weeks payable in September Year 5.

Spring Term - 12 weeks payable in October Year 5.

Summer Term and September week - 12 weeks payable in March Year 5.