11+ tuition is a 30 week course, beginning after half term in November Year 5 and continuing until the 11+ exam in September Year 6. One hour sessions take place after school late afternoon / early evening once a week in a small room behind St Thomas’ Church Hall, Mayflower Way, Holtspur in school term time.

Each child is tutored in a very small group of 6 children which allows for individual attention and peer group support.

The children are taught the techniques required for each of the five different elements, comprising Verbal Reasoning (VR), Technical English (TE), Spatial Reasoning (SR), Non Verbal Reasoning (NVR) and Maths (Ma).

This takes the form of two or three techniques each session and follow-up homework.

Course Structure:

Term Element Taught
Autumn Half-Term NVR and SR
Spring Term VR
Summer First Half-Term Ma
Summer Second Half-Term TE and mini practice tests

The children are assessed once each half-term to monitor how well they have understood the techniques taught.

In the second half of the summer term, the children revise all of the taught techniques and are tested under timed conditions. Each week there is a 30-40 minute test comprising of a mixture of all of the elements required. After each test there will be individualised or group follow-up which will take the form of revisiting a technique or work encouraging questions to be completed at a faster rate.

Homework is given every week and must be done. It is an integral part of the tutoring process and so a certain level of commitment is required. It is also good preparation for working in a secondary school, where homework is very important.

Alongside the set Homework, textbooks will be suggested for use at home as consolidation or revision of the techniques taught the half term previously.

Verbal feedback is given to parents continually.

In the summer term, parents can schedule a Parents Meeting where they receive a written report and comprehensive feedback about their child's progress and attainment.

11+ Practice Tests:

Practice Test sessions during the summer holidays are recommended as a final revision and practice in the run-up to the 11+ exam.

There are four Practice Tests that run on four consecutive days at the end of the summer holiday.

Each session lasts for 3¼ hours and consists of two test papers closely mirroring the conditions of the 11+ exam.

These two papers are marked in the session so that the children are able to complete corrections as homework in the afternoon.

Children can sit any number of these tests, but all four are recommended to cover all potential question-types.



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